Van Es and Jansen miss energetic coach Stroot with women Twente

โ€œ A good trainer. A nice trainer. Very structured. It‘s nice to work with. He’s very human. He listens to us.โ€ FC Twente players Kika van Es and Renate Jansen have nothing but praise words for their coach Tommy Stroot.

The 31-year-old German trainer has been standing for the group in Enschede since 2016, but will make a dream transfer to VfL Wolfsburg, a losing finalist in the Champions League last summer.

โ€œ Somehow I was surprised, because he is still very young,โ€ says Jansen, in the run-up to the top league with PSV. โ€œBut that‘s how you can see how much he’s grown.โ€

โ€œ In the beginning I was still very German,โ€ says Stroot about his first years in the Netherlands. โ€œStill, I wanted to be open and get to know the Dutch way of playing football. In the end, I found my own way, but I learned a lot here.โ€

Van Es, who came over from Everton last summer, played with Twente in 2017 under coach Stroot. โ€œThen he was just new and I really see that he has developed himself. That‘s nice. He has his own vision and he knows what he wants to radiate on the field.โ€

Stroot: โ€œI started as a trainer because my brother’s team was looking for a coach. Then I was 16 years old, but I liked it from the beginning. I get a lot of energy from it and enjoy a group, to lead and control it, and that is still the case.โ€

Jansen and Van Es praise the structure of the German trainer, who was absent at the beginning of the season due to illness. โ€œThat was a crazy situation,โ€ says Van Es. โ€œIt was a little less clear and serious without him.โ€

German trainer

How German is Stroot still after five years in the Netherlands? โ€œHe interferes with everything, but it‘s good that he is like this,โ€ says Van Es. โ€œHe is very present, also during a race. In a positive way and that is very nice.โ€

โ€œ Especially now that he has a knowledge of the Dutch language, you can always hear him on the sidelines,โ€ adds Jansen. โ€œIn the beginning, he was still quiet. Yet he is rarely really angry and sometimes he can be a little tougher for us.โ€

Stroot: โ€œI am not more important than the energy of the group, but I do want to radiate energy along the line. Women’s football in the Netherlands is a bit more aggressive. That‘s good for the growth of the competition. A game with a lot of tempo, I’d like to see that.โ€

Next year Stroot will return to Germany to become trainer of top club VfL Wolfsburg. โ€œI am glad that it is known now, because then my attention can go to Twente this season. I want to close here in a proper way. After that, a nice challenge awaits me.โ€

Van Es laughing: โ€œHe can take me if he wants.โ€