Van Gaal and Dumfries over the floppy Berghuis: Dont pay attention, I think

The flute concerts at the expense of Steven Berghuis during the Netherlands-Gibraltar were discussed at the end of the press conference. However, Louis van Gaal and Denzel Dumfries did not want to make the incident bigger than it was.
CCeit analyst Rafael van der Vaart announced from De Kuip that he had been disturbed by the whistle. Van Gaal also got questions about it during the press conference, but shrugged about it. โ€œWhat I think then? Well… Ive been the target of sounds myself, here at the Feyenoord stadium,โ€ said the former trainer of Ajax and AZ, among others. โ€œThose are only a limited number of people, and I think you shouldnt pay that much attention to that.โ€
Dumfries had noticed in the field that part of the audience had been targeting his flank mate. โ€œOf course youll get that, but I think Steven always shows that hes professional. Of course, you knew beforehand that it could happen. Anyway, as a football player, I dont think he was bothered by that.โ€
The suggestion that the Orange internationals should make a statement is put aside by the Internazionale right-back. โ€œThat doesn
t seem necessary,โ€ said the born Rotterdammer. โ€œWell, he made the switch, which is of course sensitive in Rotterdam. But I think you were able to see today (Monday, ed.) that hes not bothered and Steven is stoic and an optimal pro.โ€