Van Gaal anecdote shows up at PSV: ‘He went completely out of his plate to me’

Boy Waterman is not surprised that Louis van Gaal has scientifically trained penalties with the Dutch national team. The PSV goalkeeper keeps fond memories of his AZ period with the current national coach.
โ€œI was just at AZ and I received a penalty, I went in the wrong direction. Last week, he was seen training on penalties, he doesnt want goalkeepers to gamble. We won that game 4-1, but Van Gaal went completely out of his game against me,โ€ says Waterman to PSVs club channels. โ€œDamn, Waterman, its not a casino.โ€
Waterman states that Van Gaal has called out all kinds of things to him. โ€œI really just joined AZ, it went well and then he said, โ€œI don
t know if youve already signed, but otherwise Ill make sure you dont sign,โ€ laughs the closing post, insisting that he could have it from Van Gaal. โ€œBecause hes super honest in your face, but outwardly, hell always protect you.โ€
โ€œAt some point, I came to his mind,โ€ Waterman recalls. โ€œYou usually have a grudge against a trainer, but I don
t have that with him, because hes always been honest. He commands respect and is always genuinely interested.โ€

An anecdote by Boy Waterman about Louis van Gaal ๐Ÿ˜‹
โ€” PSV (@PSV) September 28, 2022