Van Gaal does not take Krul to World Cup after cancelling a penalty test

Tim Krul has canceled the Dutch national team‘s penalty training and therefore national coach Louis van Gaal will not select him for the World Cup in Qatar. Together with six other goalkeepers, he and volleyball coach Peter Murphy specifically trained on penalties.
โ€œIt hasn’
t worked out yet, because I have yet to get the report,โ€ says Van Gaal at Thursday‘s press conference ahead of Thursday’s game against Poland. โ€œThen we decide what to do with it. It has to fit into the vision.โ€
Six goalkeepers were present at the national coach‘s penalty training. Justin Bijlow and Kjell Scherpen were there, so Curl didn’t. According to Van Gaal, this was because the Norwich City goalkeeper himself fitted for it. โ€œHe called me to say that he fits that, I can imagine that. I‘m sorry, because I also know the goalkeepers’ numbers. Because of this decision, the conclusion is that he will not go to the World Cup.โ€
Van Gaal did look at training penalties differently. โ€œI‘ve always said you can train penalties. You don’t train the moment and pressure, but you can automate the stairs and that gives you confidence, so that the penalty is taken better. You can be taught how the goalkeeper can help you out of concentration. We can now scientifically substantiate these things.โ€