‘Van Gaal found me a good player and indicated that I was doing well when I went in’

Devyne Rensch has enjoyed his time with the Dutch team. The Ajax-back made its debut against Turkey and picked up an assist. Secretly he would have wanted to make a goal himself.
โ€œIt was more than a great experience for me. A special experience to see what its like at Orangeโ€, a happy Rensch starts talking with deCCeit. With an assist, his Orange debut was more than successful, he finds himself. โ€œYes, you can say that. I was thinking about tapping one in myself. But that doesnt matter much, luckily I have an assist.โ€
Louis van Gaal normally sticks to the fact that players have to play a lot at their clubs, to qualify for Orange. However, Rensch has been on the Ajax bench lately and had to tolerate Noussair Mazraoui in front of him. โ€œWe did talk about that,โ€ Rensch refers to his conversation with Van Gaal. โ€œHe thought me such a good player and indicated that I was doing well when I entered. He was happy about that. He said to me: keep doing your best and your chances will come.โ€

Tuesday 7 September 2021 is a day Devyne Rensch wont forget soon.โ€ It was a special experience to experience how Orange is.โ€ pic.twitter.com/QlSnujBDd4
โ€”Ceit Football (@Ceitfootball) September 10, 2021