Van Gaal gives a tip about World Cup selection: ‘Pasveer will go along, I think’

Louis van Gaal is not entirely satisfied with the Oranges victory over Belgium. After all, the practice master saw his team show off moderately. Van Gaal also talks about Marten de Roon and Remko Pasveer. He is very happy with the formers performance, while Pasveer is already getting ready for a trip to Qatar.
The Dutch team won 1-0 against Belgium on Sunday evening. What does this do to the feeling towards the World Cup? โ€œNot that much, because we didnt play well,โ€ Van Gaal is clear at DecceIT. โ€œThis is, however, a victory for the groups discipline. That is clever. We were the underlying party for ninety minutes, but we continued anyway. But we had so much ball loss in simple situations. That was actually the case against Poland, but now it happened even more. This also has to do with Belgium, they certainly put more pressure on the ball in the second half. We didnt play our best match.โ€
Van Gaal does not want to link the lesser game to the absence of Frenkie de Jong and Memphis Depay. โ€œI actually found our midfielder, Marten de Roon, one of our best players. He gave few balls to the other color and defensively he picked up De Bruyne when he walked a little further away from our pit bulls. He did that very well. I do want the player to skip stations in their place. That
s not the case with De Roon, but he does have a high ball speed. I think thats pretty. Things are sometimes faster with De Roon than with Frenkie de Jong, who dribbles a lot.โ€
The national coach is also pleased with the performance of Pasveer, who is almost certain of a spot in the World Cup squad. โ€œHe kept the zero twice, but that also has to do with the team: there is another tactical formula for playing against these types of teams. I think the goalkeeper should always stop a ball. He did a really good job and made no mistake. But it was a simple job. Whether we can already write him up for the base in Qatar? No, but I think Pasveer will go along.โ€