Van Gaal gives update on health: I have to manage it, thats going very well

Louis van Gaal‘s health is doing relatively well. The national coach experiences some problems due to prostate cancer, but he says he is able to ‘manage‘ this well. Van Gaal also looks back on the announcement of his illness and the many reactions that followed.
Six months ago, Van Gaal announced that he had prostate cancer. Now the famous trainer is joining us again to look back on that broadcast. โ€œI actually announced it at the time because I received advice from a presenter,โ€ says Van Gaal. โ€œThat was you, Humberto. You said I was better off telling you than it would be known in the movie. Then that’
s what people would be talking about. I thought that was a good argument. I‘m not ashamed of my illness either, which is why I announced it at the time.โ€
Van Gaal then talks about how he is doing now. โ€œThis isn’
t actually a disease that makes you sick or feel. You have to manage this, that‘s actually the only problem. I have enough energy to manage it. How does that work? I should be in control of my urine. Of course, that is much less if your prostate is removed. It has to come back and that takes time. You have to be able to manage that. That’s going really well.โ€
After Van Gaal came out with his illness, he received an enormous amount of support. โ€œI‘ve received an incredible amount of responses from all over the world. But of course, it’s much more fun when you get so much attention from your own players. In general, the football player is more concerned with himself and not so social. But in this selection of Orange… Actually, I got a message from everyone. I think that says a lot.โ€