Van Gaal: He doesnt really want to play there himself, but I think he has it all

Louis van Gaal praises Cody Gakpo after winning Poland in the Nations League. The PSV‘er played number ten at the Orange and completed a brilliant attack after fifteen minutes.
โ€œI found that Cody Gakpo simply performed his duties in both possession and possession of the opponent,โ€ Van Gaal starts at DecceIT. โ€œThis was a good lesson for him. A good development too, because he doesn’
t really want to play there himself. He wants to go from the left side. But I think he has everything to be a good ten. We were able to see that again today. He scored again, too, which is also important. It was a world goal, wasn‘t it. I also jumped off the couch. I don’t usually do that. It was a top goal.โ€
Van Gaal also liked the Dutch team playing when Poland had the ball. โ€œI said beforehand: today we‘re going to keep zero for once. That means we had to cover, not play from position, but really put pressure on the ball. And the backs have to squeeze and cover the back, making it look like we have one more man in the back. That happened well today and we kept that up to the end,โ€ says the national coach, who agrees that Teun Koopmeiners is doing better again. However, a scan still needs to be made.
Van Gaal left more injuries to the game in Warsaw. Frenkie de Jong was also exchanged as a precaution. โ€œHe had some muscle strain, but he expects to play. And he knows his own body.โ€ Memphis Depay is in the worst shape. The attacker left the field with hamstring complaints. โ€œThat’
s a shame and doesn‘t bode well. I don’t think Memphis will play against Belgium on Sunday.โ€

The national coach… sees a good ‘ten’ in Cody Gakpo… saw two top goals… jumped off the bench at that first goal. #POLNED
โ€”CCEIT Football (@ CCEITfootball) September 22, 2022