Van Gaal impressed by ‘resurrected’ De Lig: ‘He has a big competitor’

Matthijs de List impressed national coach Louis van Gaal. The latter sees the defender ascending from a valley in which he had ended up and says he is very happy about it. According to the national coach, De Light also has a higher chance of playing minutes in Orange, although he has a formidable competitor.
โ€œHe has resurrected from darkness,โ€ Van Gaal said Thursday evening at a press conference in the run-up to the World Cup Qualification Game with Latvia. โ€œI‘ve seen his last matches and then you can see a real progress. I’m very happy about that.โ€
For De Lits, this means that he always gets close to a place in Orange. โ€œBut he has an incredibly big competitor with Stefan de Vrij,โ€ said the national coach. โ€œDe Vrij has done a great job in the last three games. I think he was the standout in two of the three games. Stefan de Vrij is in shape and Matthijs de Lig returns from the valley.โ€