Van Gaal not happy with questions about the Orange: ‘I think so far down the arrow’

Louis van Gaal is still not happy with the questions he gets about individual players. The national coach also believes that players are being written off too quickly and points critically to the media. Van Gaal does want to open a booklet about his selection process.
In the studio at Humberto, Van Gaal again gets a lot of questions about players after his new Dutch players. That doesn‘t make the native Amsterdammer very happy. โ€œI always get questions from the media: they can’t do anything about it, right? And then I have to answer… I think that‘s so far below the arrow, because such a player is international for a reason. The fact that he may not play well for once can happen. I don’t think every person is or gives one hundred percent every day.โ€
Van Gaal prefers to talk about the collective. For example, he wants to explain how he selects players with his team. โ€œThe organization is such that I watch all games at home, so I can see a lot more. I also have scouts. They then go live to those games and come back with reports. They have to hand it in to me every Tuesday.โ€
โ€œWe keep track of about sixty players, that‘s quite a lot of work,โ€ Van Gaal continues. โ€œSometimes you have to make choices about who to follow and who not to follow. We then look at everything: the shape, the position and the physical condition. You also look at the player’s tasks and whether he performs them.โ€