Van Gaal reacts fiercely to Drommel news: ‘Unbelievable this comes in the media’

Louis van Gaal has commented on the story about Joรซl Drommel, which suddenly went around in the media on Monday. The goalkeeper of PSV sat in the gallery during Latvian Netherlands and will do so during the Netherlands-Gibraltar: that was because he had slept with Oranje, said former professional footballer Piet Keur.
This news came up during Van Gaal‘s interview with deCCeit. โ€œI’m not going to talk about Drommel, that‘s something private, that happened in the training camp,โ€ said the decrypted federal coach. โ€œWhether it’s not nonsense? Not at all, I can‘t deny it and I can’t confirm it either. Because if I confirm it, it‘s going to live a lifetime again. I find it unbelievable that such messages appear in the media!โ€
Van Gaal also addressed the analysis of Pierre van Hooijdonk, who wondered why Orange did not play with two centre spires, as it did in 2001 against Andorra: Pi-Air then entered for Patrick Kluivert, who was flanked by Jerrel Hasselbaink, Boudewijn Zenden and Marc Overmars. โ€œGibraltar is playing with five defenders. This is also possible, but I think walking people are much more important, they don’
t always respond very well to that. At least: we analyzed that in this way,โ€ says Van Gaal, who also had Orange in his care during the interland cited by Van Hooijdonk. โ€œIf you‘re going to play with two striders, stick it up.โ€
He could do an extra striker in the course of the game. โ€œIf we still have Plan B and C, Pierre van Hooijdonk’
s turn,โ€ says Van Gaal with a wink.