Van Gaal shows ‘very sweet ticket’ from Kuip employees after strong criticism

Louis van Gaal was surprised by a note shortly before the match between the Netherlands and Wales. With the espresso machine, the employees of De Kuip wished him success, with a wink.
Dear Mr. Van Gaal, we hope this coffee will taste you better, the message reads. โ€œHave fun and good luck today. Best regards, Team Stadion Feyenoord. Van Gaal showed the message in front of DecceIts camera. โ€œI was surprised by the espresso machine in our dressing room. A very sweet card. I brought him special. They do it for a reason. Maybe they agree with me.โ€
Last Saturday, after the tie against Poland (2-2), Van Gaal strongly criticized De Kuip. The Feyenoord stadium was called โ€œold troopโ€ by the national coach. โ€œThe coaching staff must be in the gym here,โ€ he recorded. โ€œThere is a pot of coffee on a table. And in the halftime its so tight that I stand with my back to ten or twelve players. Of course, that is not possible.โ€

National coach Louis van Gaal received a warm welcome today in De Kuip, despite all his criticism of the stadium. There was a new coffee maker ready in the dressing room, with a special note attached. #nedwal
โ€”Cceit Sport (@ Cceitsport) June 14, 2022