Van Gaal: Thats why Kuyt is not a good head trainer

Dutch national coach Louis van Gaal is confident that Dirk Kuyt can succeed as head coach. Kuyt was introduced as the trainer of ADO The Hague on Thursday. Its his first trainer job for him.
The appointment of Kuyt was discussed on Thursday at the press conference of the Dutch team in the run-up to the game against Belgium on Friday. “He wasn
t the best football player, but still had such a career and been so important to the Dutch team… “, says Van Gaal.
“He took on a different role at the World Cup in Brazil and performed it incredibly well. I am very proud of him. To say in the words of Co Adriaanse: a good horse is not a good rider yet. I expect him to be a good coach, but because he has no experience, hes not yet,” says Van Gaal. “When I became a trainer of Ajax, I had been in front of the class for eleven years.”
“Then you can say: that
s nothing, but it represents everything and certainly because of the level at which I taught. He has to learn to convey his vision to players and he has no experience in that yet, but I think he can do that. Im still in contact with him and I know him well.”