Van Gaal thought to train Plan B behind closed doors: Wasnt that decided?

The Dutch team trained on a Plan B in the run-up to the game with Latvia. Louis van Gaal has experimented with Wout Weghorst and Luuk de Jong in striker. The national coach thought he was training this behind closed doors, but it‘s not.
Van Gaal is asked at the press conference about how the training with Weghorst and De Jong liked at the point of the attack. โ€œThat’
s when the training was decided?โ€ Van Gaal wonders out loud. โ€œNot? Well, okay. Indeed, we trained on it.โ€
โ€œIn that way of playing football, the ball must fall well,โ€ Van Gaal continues. โ€œThere‘s a very high lucky factor in that. That’s why the whole team had to play in the service of Weghorst and Luuk de Jong. That alone is a big change for players in the field.โ€
According to the Amsterdammer born, it is good that Orange has been able to train on that. โ€œI‘m happy about that, because it’s already in everyone‘s brains,โ€ says Van Gaal. โ€œThe ball just didn’t fall well. I hope it will be if we need it against Latvia.โ€