Van Gaal: Youre going to see players who I think will also play at the World Cup

During a press conference, Louis van Gaal spoke about his group‘s short preparation time for the upcoming World Cup in Qatar. He also shows that in the upcoming Nations League games he will set up many players who will also play during the World Cup.
ll see the players I think will play at the World Cup, says Van Gaal about his choices for the matches against Poland (Thursday) and Belgium (Sunday). There are also players who need to earn their spot. Even the boys who have always delivered, but they also have to do that at their club. It‘s not like it’s casual. You are in shape, or you are out of shape. At the moment, players are not in shape, but they have played a major role in qualifying. Then it would be annoying not to select them, although form is an important point.
Van Gaal notices that he is dealing with a good group towards the upcoming World Cup. However, because the tournament starts in November, there is less preparation time. Van Gaal thinks that the players themselves have little trouble with that. You can already see that in how we play football, it‘s pretty easy. And if we find out, we’ll come back. There is a fantastic spirit in the team. I do miss the preparation, but I don‘t think the player. The trainer also made a comparison with the team he had under his wing during the 2014 World Cup. I think this group is further than the 2014 group, and now there are some older players and more boys playing in top leagues.
What is also being talked about a lot is the goalkeeper issue. Now that it is known that Tim Krul will not join the World Cup, other goalkeepers are eligible. It depends on performance on the field. It’
s not that I want to see all goalkeepers at work now in the next two games. If a goalkeeper delivers, it‘s also possible that he’ll just play twice these weeks.