Van Gelder lashes at Onana after doping violation: ‘Then you are a lamlul’

Jack van Gelder understands nothing of the actions of Ajax and Andre Onana regarding the doping violation of the goalkeeper from Cameroon. The football commentator thinks that both sides have handled it very badly.

Ajax gets the first of them in the football talk program Panic Football. โ€œIf something has already been discovered on 30 October and Ajax already knows about it for a while, I would have to carry out contra expertise three, four or five days after it became known to see if it was still in the blood. Ajax knows it for a long time and it‘s been over the head for a long time.โ€
Osana, who considered his wife’
s medicine as an aspirin, also received the necessary criticism from Van Gelder. โ€œYou do a professional sport, and I assume that the contract of Onana says that he will not get paid if he ever gets caught in this kind of business. You‘re a jerk if you just take a pill. So he doesn’t even know what a paracetamol looks like?โ€