Van Gerwen collects his biggest ever defeat in Premier League

Darter Michael van Gerwen painfully ran into his sixth defeat in the Premier League. In the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes he was clearly a size too small for world champion Peter Wright: 1-8.

It was the biggest defeat ever in the Premier League for Van Gerwen, who always took at least three legs in his games in the prestigious tournament.

Van Gerwen, who has won and lost three times since the resumption of the Premier League last week, soon faced a serious backlog in his match against Wright.

The Scotsman won the first five legs, giving Van Gerwen only two chances for a double. With a score of 0-5, Van Gerwen seemed to get a bit carried away by taking the sixth leg and then getting two chances for a break. However, the Brabander didn’t take that and Wright simply steamed on to victory.

“It just wasn’t right, I can blame myself,” he said in front of the RTL 7 camera afterwards. “It was just limp. This shouldn’t happen. Not to me at all.”

Van Gerwen praised his opponent Wright. “He’s playing well right now, only I could have hurt him. But not with this average and with this game, simple.”

Because of the defeat, Van Gerwen has to make every effort to reach the semi-finals. He’s currently fifth in the standings. Only the best four darts after the last round of play qualify for the semi-finals at the O2 Arena in London. After Wednesday evening there are still three rounds on the program.

Durrant fought his way back

Leader Glen Durrant, as in his match against Gary Anderson last week, also crawled through the eye of the needle against Michael Smith. Against the Scotsman Anderson he fought back from a 7-3 deficit on Saturday and eventually drew 7-7. In that game, Anderson got seven arrows for victory.

Against fellow countryman Smith, Durrant even faced a 7-2 deficit, but again it ended up being 7-7. Smith missed four arrows before the game. Durrant is well ahead in the Premier League and is almost certain of the semifinals. He will meet Michael van Gerwen on Thursday evening.