Van Gogh Museum gives virtual preview expo ‘Unprecedented’

Disappointment widely at the Dutch museums that they still have to remain closed from the cabinet, despite the fact that last summer they already demonstrated their safe and coronaproof open. The Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum has therefore decided to open part of the new exhibition Unkeen online today. Visitors already get a good impression of the exhibition on which all the special acquisitions of the past ten years are highlighted.

The exhibition is ready. All the works are hanging, beautifully highlighted in the hall. From the tulip fields of the French impressionist Claude Monet to the only work of Gabriele Münter (Wassily Kandinskys companion) in a Dutch Museum. But for now interested parties can admire these masterpieces only through the virtual preview, which is now online. While walking, the art viewer is digitally guided along a selection of highlights.

Each piece of art has its own story. Sometimes told by a curator. Then again by the depot manager or a researcher who works in the museum. Curator Fleur Roos Rosa de Varvalho takes a closer look at the print series Intimités from 1897-1898 by Félix Vallotton. She describes how and why she considers this work a boxing match between the sexes in ten rounds.

Association Rembrandt

Over the past ten years, the Van Gogh Museum has been able to add numerous special acquisitions to the collection, often thanks to financial support from private lenders and funds such as the BankGiro Lottery, Vereniging Rembrandt, Mondriaan Fonds, Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds, VSBfonds, Triton Collection Foundation and the Turing Foundation (from former TomTom CEO Pieter Geelen).

Edgar Degass much-discussed Bathing wife will also be on display. A purchase that caused a lot of dust at the beginning of last year, especially among the woke activists, because it was a naked woman in an intimate domestic setting, seen by the alleged voyeurish eyes of a man.

Stories of Amsterdammers

In the exhibition, the curators give a look behind the scenes. They tell us why the museum actually collects. Why this task is so important, also for the Netherlands and how they relate themselves personally to the paintings or prints. But people from outside the museum also speak. Private collectors, supporters and ten Amsterdammers also tell us about their favourite purchase from the period 2010-2020.

When the exhibition can really open, it is still uncertain. The fact is that the presentation has already been extended until 29 August. This and next month, the museum also offers three online lectures, in which the background of some works from Unken will be explored. Curator Maite van Dijk will tell more about the portrait made by Norwegian painter Edvard Munch of the German physicist Felix Auerbach. Researcher Teio Meedendorp reveals more details about Vincent van Goghs early drawings.