Van Gogh painting from private collection brings 13 million

An uneven painting by Vincent van Gogh was sold at auction for 13 million euros. That‘s way more than the 5 million Sotheby’s auction house expected.

It is a canvas that Van Gogh painted in Paris in the spring of 1887: Scene de Rue ร  Montmartre, or a ‘Street statue in Montmartre’. The painting is part of a series of paintings made by Van Gogh at the Moulin de la Galette in Paris‘s Montmartre district.

As part of the auction, the work was briefly to be viewed by appointment at Sotheby’s in Amsterdam. Before that, the work was privately owned by a French family for more than a hundred years and was not visible to the general public. Nienke Bakker, curator of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, called it remarkable at that time. โ€œWe had never seen this painting in real life, we only know it from literature and images.โ€

According to Bakker, most of Van Gogh‘s privately owned paintings are usually loaned or shown. But that has not been the case with this canvas. โ€œThat is certainly rare and special.โ€

The Van Gogh Museum has confirmed that the work was certainly made by Van Gogh, says Sotheby’s. Whoever is the new owner has not been disclosed.