Van Halst advises El Ghazi and calls ideal club: ‘Yes, we will call! ‘

Jan van Halst believes that Anwar El Ghazi should leave Aston Villa to revive his career. Ziggo Sport analyst thinks the winger would fit better into the Spanish competition.
El Ghazi came across Chelsea as a substitute within the lines on Sunday, but he couldn‘t make a difference. Van Halst thinks El Ghazi is โ€œthrowing away a little bitโ€ his career. โ€œWhether I don’t get the feeling that El Ghazi wants to leave?โ€ , that‘s how the analyst starts at Ziggo Sport. โ€œYou would think that. He went against the Dutch team for a while last season. Then we were all surprised that he wasn’t in the Orange selection.โ€
Meanwhile, El Ghazi sits on the couch most of Aston Villa‘s games, much to the disappointment of Van Halst. โ€œHe’s threatening to throw out of his career for a whole period of time. Maybe another league is best for him. Spain or Italy maybe? No: Real Sociedad! We are going to call thatโ€, Van Halst closes laughing.
Aston Villa was unable to compete against Chelsea in its own stadium on Sunday afternoon and lost 1-3.