Van Hanegem about Lawyer: ‘If I were him, I would have known and I would have gone. ‘

Willem van Hanegem once formed a bond coaching duo with Feyenoord trainer Dick Lawyer and has to do with his old colleague. At the end of the humiliating defeat against ADO The Hague, the Small General made his position available: Van Hanegem would fully understand if Lawyer did not like it.
Feyenoord went down against the gate closer on Sunday and enters against Ajax seven days later, without the suspended Steven Berghuis and Jens Toornstra. ‘I already hear in my area full of followers of Feyenoord that they look up to it in Rotterdam. And rightly so,โ€ writes De Kromme in his column for the Algemeen Dagblad. Van Hanegem found Feyenoord ‘really sadden‘ for the day coming in The Hague. ‘Anyone who has seen Feyenoord play against ADO is rightly worried. I saw Dick Lawyer and I thought, โ€œYou don‘t have any fun in this anymore, do you?โ€
Van Hanegem knows Lawyer as a player who always gave himself one hundred percent during matches. โ€œHe still expects that from his players. But we live in a different time, that’
s not how it works anymore, ‘says De Kromme, who himself suspects that some players no longer want it and let it walk consciously. ‘That‘s why I say, if I were a lawyer, I would have known and gone. Because it’s worse than against ADO, that‘s just not possible. ‘
Attorney is succeeded by Arne Slot at the end of the season, but hinted on Sunday that he could just leave early. โ€œI have to do what‘s best for Feyenoord. If I can’t get the team better and the players feel I‘m not the right man anymore, I’ll step upโ€, De Little General said.