Van Hanegem amazed at Orange discussion: ‘There was no question of that at all’

Willem van Hanegem has no good word about how Orange tried to secure the World Cup ticket in Podgorica on Saturday night. De Kromme fully joins Virgil van Dijk, who said the team with the 0-2 on the scoreboard should have defended better.
According to the former midfielder, the Dutch game was hardly good enough to think of a 0-3. After the end, I followed the discussion that had aroused with rising amazement, Van Hanegem wrote in his column in the Algemeen Dagblad. โ€œMemphis thought we should keep hunting the 0-3, probably being 0-3 because then he could have added a hat trick. Virgil van Dijk talked about the organisation and playing out the game. Of course, the latter was absolutely right.
The Curve annoyed green and yellow at Orange and the setting the players placed on the mat.
We played so badly that there was no search for the 0-3 at all. We should have realized what Van Dijk had seen for a long time in Podgorica: in the front we didnt have it at all and in the midfield it was moderate. Why put the ball forward and hunt if we could hardly force anything against a squad with a nasty way of playing?
According to Van Hanegem, Dutch players should look in the mirror quickly. In a match where the result was so important, we should have just made it to the finish line, add the points to us and quickly get out there. We have to get that World Cup at all costs and there was clearly no realization in Montenegro. And thats pretty painful for a team with such an experienced coach and with so many players from big clubs.