Van Hanegem: ‘If Ajax solves that, you can sprinkle with compliments’

Willem van Hanegem refuses to join the polonaise now that the Dutch team has won Gibraltar with large figures. He points the critics to the facts: Gibraltar is the number 194 in the world.
Van Hanegem finds the 6-0 victory nothing special at all. With Frank de Boer we even won 0-7. Gibraltar, that is not even the level of IJsselmeervogels of my good friend Jaan de Graaf, says Van Hanegem in his weekly column for the Algemeen Dagblad. โ€œGibraltar had a 38-year-old centre-defender, and substitute striker Lee Casciaro is 40 years old.โ€
And then we conclude afterwards that Noa Lang and Arnaut Danjuma are world stars in the making. Thats possible, but not on the basis of a match or raid against the number 194 in the world. That is to mash yourself and I dont like that, says Van Hanegem.
Van Hanegem says its about the top games and not about meetings against football dwarfs. He is eagerly looking forward to Ajax – Borussia Dortmund. Ajax will attack and Erling Haaland will have the space behind the defence he craves so much. If Ajax manages to solve that, you can sprinkle with compliments. Not if you score a few times against Gibraltar, because they could do less than Jut and Jul.