Van Hanegem: Lets stop putting that boy down as croquette

William of Hanegem does not believe the statement Andre Onana had for the use of a prohibited drug. De Kromme thinks that his story in any other sport would be seriously questioned.

The goalkeeper of Ajax was suspended for a year last week by UEFA because a prohibited drug was found in his urine. Onana told us that this was because he accidentally took a pill from his wife, but that story doesn‘t go into Van Hanegem. ‘That doesn‘t seem very strong to me, ‘says the former midfielder in his column in Algemeen Dagblad. โ€œIf a cyclist says that, we‘re all in a dent again.โ€
However, there is no talk of gloating at the club icon of Feyenoord. ‘
I‘m sorry he’s not here anymore, ‘writes Van Hanegem. โ€œI think it’s a great goalkeeper except for that time stall. But don‘t think this is gonna cost Ajax the title. Maarten Stekelenburg can handle it in the top division, right? And let’s stop putting that Kjell Sharpen van Emmen as a kind of croquette catcher. That boy can still be a great goalie.โ€