Van Hanegem on Van Gaal: ‘If Frank de Boer did this, the country was too small’

Willem van Hanegem has looked at the latest preselection of the Dutch team shaking his head. The Mexican active Vincent Janssen was brought back into Louis van Gaals selection from nowhere.
Van Hanegem cannot reach it with his mind.
Putting Vincent Janssen in the pre-selection, that almost seems like Van Gaal thought at home: Im going to do something very crazy, I care, Im the boss, he writes in his column for the Algemeen Dagblad. โ€œBut he does not count on the fact that the Dutch press thinks almost everything Louis does is normal. If Frank de Boer had done this, the country would have really been too small.
Georginio Wijnaldum โ€” a personal favourite of Van Hanegem โ€” is not called for the thirty-person pre-selection, because he plays little at Paris Saint-Germain. โ€œEveryone knows how I feel about that boy. And no, this has indeed not become his season. But that chanting that he plays too little, one is counted on and the other is not, says De Kromme. Calling Guus Til and not Wijnaldum, you hardly believe that, right?