Van Hanegem sees mismatch at the CCEit: Dont invite them

William van Hanegem watched the CCEIT program Studio Europa with rising astonishment on Saturday. In addition to Alfred Schreuder and Rafael van der Vaart, the editors also invited YouTuber Kalvijn. That turned out to be a mismatch.
Kalvijn also plays football, but turned out to be unaware of the current affairs and caused some surprise to Van der Vaart here and there. He asked Schreuder if Pedri had a base place at Barcelona and also asked Van der Vaart what he could best fill in in his EK-pool near Spain – Poland. The social media responses didn‘t exactly lie about it. Van Hanegem doesn’t get much of it either.
In his weekly column for the Algemeen Dagblad from Van Hanegem, he misunderstands how DecceIT fills the program. They have a kind of mission with their analysts. There‘s something for everyone or something. There was someone there Saturday night who has quite a few followers on YouTube, I understood. Calvine.
Who asked Alfred Schreuder if Pedri has a base place near Barcelona. I can tell everyone, but if they have no idea what it‘s about, don’t invite them. Fortunately, he was not asked about any changes in Orange, De Kromme says.