Van Hanegem: ‘We can start though: Van Gaal has given his fiat’

Willem van Hanegem also followed the national discussion on the 5-3-2 system of Orange. Louis van Gaal joined behind his former pupil Frank de Boer this weekend, but Van Hanegem sees it differently.
Van Hanegem made a furore with the un-Dutch system during the 2014 World Cup and announced that this is ‘the best system’. โ€œWe can start the tournament, you know. For Louis van Gaal has given his consent in the Volkskrant to the system with five defenders, three midfielders and two spires, ‘De Kromme shampers in his column for the Algemeen Dagblad. โ€œAnd a goalie, because if you forget to mention it, Louis gets annoyed.โ€
According to Van Hanegem, however, the discussion about the conception of the game is not higher mathematics. ‘
We all pretend he invented it all in 2014. We are all suddenly forgotten that they played this way in Italy before the war, ‘writes De Kromme, which suggests that Van Gaal himself has forgotten something. ‘That in Brazil 2014 he even came up with that system, but that it was only going to run when we switched back to a system with outdoor players.
However, according to Van Hanegem, the system that Oranje tried in the practice duels with Scotland and Georgia can be effective, even against less opponents on paper. However, if the Netherlands leaned against a top plan, it would be better not to fall back on this system, he believes. โ€œI saw Spain and Portugal practice against each other on Saturday. If you have to go backwards against those countries, how did you get up front, I wonder? We don’
t have the team to play football through the midfield. And in the front, the pure speed is missing. In 2014 all the balls went on Arjen Robben and a faster player probably wasn‘t there. ‘