Van Hintum sees daughter recovering: ‘Football is my life, but is also side cause’

Bart van Hintum got the scare of his life when he learned that his daughter Chloรฉ had been felled by leukemia. FC Groningens 34-year-old left-back went into a tough period and let go of football for a while, but now seems to be able to breathe in a relief.
Hintum can still keep the bad news conversation in mind. โ€œFive doctors came in the room, and you know it
s not good. Then they confirmed what we were already fearing: leukemia. It stayed silent for three minutes after that. The world subsided among us,โ€ he tells the Algemeen Dagblad. The Ossenaar born had to rely on the medicines skills. โ€œA child dies in leukemia, you would have said a while back. But in the medical field, they can do so incredibly much nowadays. Thats so nice,โ€ he says. โ€œYou know theres a 93 percent chance that itll be okay. Thats what weve always held on to, and that offers hope.โ€
The family does not have one hundred percent security yet, but for the moment it does look good. Van Hintum announced in September that Chloรฉ had no more leukemia cells in her blood. The back has also started playing games again, after skipping part of the preparation and the start of the season. โ€œIf the club hadnt given me it, I wouldnt have been here anymore. I would have stopped playing soccer. Football is my life, but now also afterthought. Youll find out that in such a way.โ€

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