Van Hooijdonk amazed at tactical choice De Boer: ‘That’s what we’re doing again… ‘

Ibrahim Afellay and Pierre van Hooijdonk think that Oranje was ‘very moderate against Scotland. The two analysts do not understand that the Dutch team took part in a 5-3-2-system against the Scots.
In Decceit studio, Afellay was the first to tell him what he thought of the game. โ€œOf course, what we have seen today does not give confidence for the future,โ€ says the 53-fold international. โ€œIt was very moderate, also to the ball. A lot of passes went wide, from one central defender to another. There was also very little coming from the midfield. No one gave passes like Daley Blind normally does: balls between the lines that create spaces. It wasn‘t a moment in today.โ€
Van Hooijdonk is surprised by the fact that Oranje played against Scotland in a 5-3-2-formation. โ€œIf you are going to play in matches against strong countries in this system, you can do fine. 5-3-2 is just not a system in which you can play on ball possession and an opponent. We’
ll just do that again…โ€
Afellay agrees with Van Hooijdonk and sees that time is beginning to push towards the European Championships. โ€œIt‘s not like we’re playing the first game in a month. There‘s no time for this. There must now be a fixtures which are reflected in such competitions. I just didn’t see any firmness.โ€