Van Hooijdonk and Perez impressed at Feyenoord: Isnt it just a good striker?

Pierre van Hooijdonk and Kenneth Perez are impressed by Feyenoord striker Santiago Gimenez. The Mexican still has to wait for his first base place with the Rotterdammers, but also scored again in the Europa League against Sturm Graz.
Gimenez already has four goals to his name at Feyenoord. Against Sturm Graz, the attack leader scored with the head. โ€œI see few players in the Eredivisie who can really head very well,โ€ Van Hooijdonk starts in ESPN‘s studio. After that, Perez also shares his opinion. A few days ago, the Dane was already very enthusiastic about Gimenez. โ€œThis is just a good striker, isn’t it? From what we‘ve seen now, he can do everything a striker should be able to do.โ€
โ€œNo matter how he finishes, Pierre: I don’
t see a lot of players in the Netherlands doing that this way,โ€ Perez continues. โ€œI think Danilo is less than Gimenez. I know he‘s always filling in, but Gimenez is so confident… This is just a real striker.โ€
Van Hooijdonk: โ€œI look a bit at which places I would have walked and actually he does everything a little bit the same. Danilo sometimes sees the feeling that he has to play a little more football. But in a moment, we might look again at the things that Gimenez may not be able to do very well. We are always easy at that in the Netherlands, but for me a striker has to score goals. That’
s what he stands for.โ€