Van Hooijdonk and Van der Vaart deeply impressed: ‘Incredible development’

Pierre van Hooijdonk and Rafael van der Vaart are deeply impressed by Jurriën Timber. The two believe that the defender is completely justified in the base with the Orange and really adds something to the team.
Last Thursday, Timber was one of the highlights in the Netherlands. He was also able to provide many good statistics. His 96 percent fit accuracy doesn‘t have to mean anything, Van Hooijdonk starts in DecceIT’s studio. If you play every ball back, you can even reach one hundred percent. But that is not the case with Timber: he is really taking the initiative forward. He often tries to play the ball between the lines, so that a score of 96 percent is incredibly high.
Van der Vaart completely agrees with his colleague. He‘s also almost a dribbling player in your rear guard, he never panics. You often see that when a defender goes into midfield, he thinks: Oh, crap, I can’t get the ball now, right? Then it looks very woody. At Timber, you really see that he was a midfielder first: he turns open, plays to the other side or back…
He has really undergone an incredible development, Van der Vaart continues. I think he has shown so much that I totally understand the choice for him. They also have so much faith in him… In my view, the choice is mainly between De Ligt and Aké.