Van Hooijdonk announced goal in the morning: ‘He said: you can try it’

Sydney van Hooijdonk signed Monday evening for the highlight of the Small Classical between NEC and NAC Breda: the striker captured the 0-2 final position in De Goffert with a perfect free kick. Keeper Mattijs Branderhorst was warned beforehand, let Van Hooijdonk know smiling afterwards.
The two know each other from the past. โ€œI sent him a message this morning (Monday, save.): free kick todayโ€, says Van Hooijdonk in conversation with ESPN. โ€œYes, I warned him. He said, โ€œYou can try…โ€ โ€œ
Van Hooijdonk had recently unpacked with a rake free kick against Jong FC Utrecht, after he had not scored for more than two months. โ€œOr that was a breakthrough in terms of trust? Yeah, you know ketchup theory, don‘t you?โ€ , he laughs. โ€œI’ve shot them in often enough. But in the first I did not take very many. But if they went, it just wasn‘t. But after last time against Utrecht, maybe a little bit bothered by your shoulders. That’s the same as your first goal.โ€

๐Ÿ“ฑ Sydney van Hooijdonk sent N.E.C.-Keeper Mattijs Branderhorst a message this morning to warn him.
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) May 3, 2021