Van Hooijdonk compares Lang to Van Persie, Van der Vaart knows his classics

Rafael van der Vaart and Pierre van Hooijdonk enjoyed Noa Lang in the first half of the Netherlands-Gibraltar. The Club Brugge forward debuted against Latvia as an international on Friday, is in the base for the first time in De Kuip on Monday and impresses the CCEit analysts.
Van der Vaart already crossed the praise trumpet over Lang. โ€œI loved him playing for the first half hour,โ€ said the 109-fold international. โ€œI love his look, which we‘ve said before: his second match, he just shes on everything and he’s just doing his thing. A game divider on the left, I think it‘s amazing to watch.โ€
Van Hooijdonk compares with an old acquaintance from his Feyenoord era, who would later become one of the figureheads of Orange. โ€œThroughout his presentation, it shatters: he reminds me of Robin van Persie in his younger years. Who was also very convinced of his qualities and wanted to have every ball, even in his first game when he debuted at Feyenoord. Claiming everything, the quality was already shining off.โ€ It wasn’
t long before he clashed openly with vedette Van Hooijdonk. Van der Vaart knows his classics. โ€œIf only he should have taken that Memphis penalty, haha,โ€ he concludes with a wink.