Van Hooijdonk counterts Berghuis: ‘He wants to put it under the carpet. ‘

Steven Berghuis thought the story was โ€œa torn out of contextโ€, but according to Pierre van Hooijdonk, the Feyenoord players were really boasted by the lack of video analysis. This is simply indispensable in football anno 2021, states the analyst Sunday evening in Studio Football.

Van Hooijdonk raised the subject in a previous broadcast of Decceit-talk show. Berghuis nuanced this story after the match between Feyenoord and Willem II on Sunday, but Pi-Air remains with his story. โ€œOf course, there are video and data analysts at Feyenoord, but hardly any use was made of them. You hear him say that clearly here. Only: he doesn‘t want to bring it up again, he tries to put it under the carpet in a neat, chic way.โ€
The issue of ‘
video analysis‘ still lives in De Kuip, says Van Hooijodnk. โ€œThese are modern footballers who are part of the Dutch team. They are ridiculed by old school analysts, who still played football at a time when their names were written with a chalk on the blackboard. This is today’s football, players want this and the possibilities are there. If that gives players a better feeling, you have to give them that too.โ€