Van Hooijdonk denies Van Gaal ‘sattitude: ‘So derogatory, you can’t ‘

Louis van Gaal goes too hard at press conferences, says Pierre van Hooijdonk. The national coach of the Dutch team clashed several times over the past week with journalists.
Especially CCeit reporter Jeroen Stekelenburg stumbled upon a somewhat rude Van Gaal, who didnt immediately go along with the remarks that Arnaut Danjuma Groeneveld and Justin Bijlow are doing well. โ€œI was disturbed at the press conference, I found it curved,โ€ says Van Hooijdonk at the CCeit.
โ€œIf you speak to the press in such a derogatory way as a national coach, you can
t. What dislikes me the most is that none of those journalists say, Mr. Van Gaal, wouldnt you start talking to us normally now? Were not little kids. Jeroen Stekelenburg asked very normal questions, but didnt get normal answers.โ€
Van Hooijdonk wants to see the Van Gaal from his first weeks as a national coach. โ€œThen the results are good, we
re good for it all of a sudden, and then you get this. Enjoyable? No, I dont think. Id rather look at the Van Gaal I saw at Telstar.โ€ Youre not going to go against him so fast,โ€ says Rafael van der Vaart. โ€œIf he was explaining something, you thought: hes right too. It has a certain look, so you dont do it in some way.โ€