Van Hooijdonk hero of NAC in Brabants onderonsje, Young Ajax back down again

NAC Breda is still <strong>without loss of points in the Kitchen Champion Division. FC Den Bosch lasted a long time in Breda, but could not prevent Sydney van Hooijdonk from becoming the hero of the evening: 2-1.

Van Hooijdonk started on the bench despite his hit last week, but had to get into action after only twelve minutes. Mario Bilate had to leave the field with an injury and the son of former nationalist Pierre van Hooijdonk replaced him. And with success.

In the second half Van Hooijdonk personally trailed 1-0 – Jizz Hornkamp had scored for FC Den Bosch – to an advantage. Shortly after half time he was in the right place at a corner kick for his first goal. And five minutes before the final whistle the 20-year-old striker shot immaculately from a distance of fourteen metres: 2-1.

NAC frontrunner

NAC takes the lead in the first division after three rounds of play, with nine points. De Graafschap is the only other team without losing points, the Doetinchemmers are second with six points from two games.

Earlier in the evening Jong Ajax also stepped off the field as a loser after his third league game. Jong PSV was 2-1 too strong for coach Mitchell van der Gaag‘s team in Amsterdam.

Jong PSV benefited twice before half-time from a mistake in the Amsterdam build-up. First Justin de Haas shot out of a free kick introduced by a weak pass from Ajax striker Youri Regeer. Then Cheick Touré scored from a pass by Richard Ledezma, who got the ball in his feet just like that.

Just before half time Jurgen Ekkelenkamp made 1-2, after a nice double one-two with Lassina Traoré. But that’s as far as Young Ajax went, not even with a man after De Haas got his second yellow card.