Van Hooijdonk: ‘I think Van Gaal explains it nicely about Wijnaldum’

Rafael van der Vaart did not look crazy after national coach Louis van Gaal announced his Orange lineup. The Netherlands is taking action against Denmark in a 5-3-2 formation, as announced.
โ€œWe shouldn‘t overdo it either: this is a 5-3-2 setup and we’ve tried that before,โ€ says Van der Vaart at deCCeit. โ€œIn 2014, he did it too, then I was still there. Purely and only because we have a weak defense. Now he‘s like: we don’t have a real right winger, but good defenders, so let me set them up. I have a little doubt. We‘re not used to it, it’s not in our DNA. I‘m really curious if it’s going to work.โ€
Pierre van Hooijdonk states that a number of players at their club do play in this system. โ€œMultiple players are used to this system at their club. It has gained popularity,โ€ says Pi-Air, after which Van der Vaart counters. โ€œThe players that are less important, such as the right back and left back, play in this system, but the best players are not used to it. They have to adapt to that system.โ€
Van Hooijdonk is clear about the past Georginio Wijnaldum. โ€œI think Van Gaal explains it nicely, because between the lines he says he is dissatisfied with how Wijnaldum has played among him in recent games. Akรฉ hardly plays, like Bergwijn. The shape of the Dutch team is still leading.โ€