Van Hooijdonk impressed at PSV: Hes a very nice footballer

Pierre van Hooijdonk is impressed by the game that Ritsu Doan showed at PSV. In fact, Pi-Air believes that the Japanese attacker was good for the most beautiful action of the entire Europa League and Conference League night.
Van Hooijdonk starts in the studio at ESPN about Doan‘s performance against Sturm Graz. โ€œHe did have a number of times when you can see his class again. He is a very nice football player, who wants to play the ball continuously and then go after it.โ€
Doan was good for the 2-0 assist, โ€œThis action is, in my opinion, the most beautiful of the entire Europa League and Conference League evening,โ€ says Van Hooijdonk. โ€œThat included so much gogme, this was really conscious: a great assist.โ€

Bruma doubles the lead! (2-0) โšกโšก #veronicainside #uel #psvstu
โ€” Veronica Inside (@veronicainside) November 25, 2021

โ€œI like to look at players like Doan,โ€ Van Hooijdonk continues his argument. โ€œI’m not like the opportunistic football players, so I‘m less keen to watch Vertessen. At Doan, everything doesn’t work out either, but you always see what the idea was.โ€