Van Hooijdonk praises: ‘Tactically so good, Ten Hag has gold in hands’

Ronald de Boer and Pierre van Hooijdonk are very impressed by Davy Klaassen. The two think that the attacking midfielder made a very big contribution to the 35th title of Ajax, which was won on Sunday.
In conversation with Voetbal International De Boer is asked to highlight one player of Ajax after the championship. โ€œThen Im going for Davy Klaassenโ€, De Boer answers. โ€œDavy made a lot of the 1-0, but what also stands out: he accelerates the game. And get me right: Kudus is a very good player, hes going to be there, but hes slowing down the game right now and should actually take a good look at what Davy is doing.โ€
โ€œIt seems very simple what Klaassen does, but as Johan Cruijff always said: The ball goes faster than the legs, you never keep up with the ball. Klaassen understands thatโ€, continues a laudatory De Boer.
Van Hooijdonk also praises Klaassen. โ€œHe never does anything stupid,โ€ says Pi-Air. โ€œHe is the ideal extension of the trainer. With Blind and with Klaassen Ten Hag has gold in its hands as extensions. Those guys are reliable for a trainer. They are tactically well trained, recognize situations, keep the group together and sharp with their character. And they just perform wellโ€, concludes Van Hooijdonk.