Van Hooijdonk sees one weak spot at AZ: ‘No championship quality there yet’

Pierre van Hooijdonk is enthusiastic about AZ. Pi-Air enjoys the star Milos Kerkez and sees that the Alkmaar people are not strong in one position. Later, Studio Voetbal will have a discussion about AZ‘s title chances.
Where Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord ran into points loss this weekend, AZ did win. As a result, the Alkmaarders are first in the Eredivisie. โ€œYou don’
t hear anyone about Wijndal anymore,โ€ Van Hooijdonk starts at Studio Voetbal. Then he zooms in on Milos Kerkez. โ€œHis drive makes him so good, he has positive aggressiveness in his game. Two weeks ago, he already played Tadic out of the game. He plays with a lot of confidence, which is reflected in the entire team.โ€
โ€œThe only thing missing at AZ is the right-winger position,โ€ Van Hooijdonk continues. โ€œEvjen is injured and now Sugawara is playing on that side, that was the right back. That says a lot, that transformation. Only there, AZ still doesn‘t have the quality that would make you say: hey, this team could just become champion.โ€
Next, there will be a discussion about AZ’
s title chances. The Alkmaar people will probably have to give up few players during the World Cup, so they can train heavily for a few weeks. Table guests like Jeroen Stekelenburg and Leonne Stentler see this as an advantage over Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord, but Rafael van der Vaart does not. โ€œSo it‘s better not to have internationals or internationals? Isn’t that nonsense? You want to produce internationals, those are the best players. That says something.โ€