Van Hooijdonk to talk about Dumfries, despite missed odds: ‘Helmpie still finishe’

Pierre van Hooijdonk and Rafael van der Vaart take stock of the first half of the Netherlands-Ukraine. At rest, it hasnt been scored yet, but the Tweecceit analysts have been entertained.
Van der Vaart speaks of a
fun matches from both sides, very open, with lots of odds on both sides. Denzel Dumfries got the greatest opportunities, but failed to open the score. โ€œDumfries got that chance against Gibraltar as well. Then he has to drop off the helmetieโ€, says Van Hooijdonk, who is further discussing the PSV captain. โ€œHe plays a very good game, does exactly what a wingback needs to do, shows up very often at the second pole.โ€
The two analysts just haven
t been so devastated by the much-talked 5-3-2 system. โ€œIts not yet that it looks great defensively,โ€ says Van der Vaart, who advocates an extra attacker in the person of Donyell Malen. โ€œGood when hes there. I think theres a lot of space.โ€ Van Hooijdonk catches his colleague. โ€œYes, here we go again… Im going to say it one more time: I think youll get them to the knees sooner with real outdoor players.โ€

๐ŸŽ™๏ธ @rafvdvaart: โ€œA fun game. Very open. And a lot of opportunities.โ€ Once? #Euro2020 #NEDOEK
โ€”CCEit Sports (@ CCEitSport) June 13, 2012