Van Hooijdonk warns Ajax and points to PSV: Thats really baked

Pierre van Hooijdonk warns Ajax about a ‘Getafe scenario ‘, when Amsterdammers visit Sporting Portugal on Wednesday night. The analyst also points to PSV‘s games against Benfica earlier this season.
PSV missed out on a Champions League ticket, after a diptych with Benfica. โ€œIn the Champions League playoffs against Benfica, PSV found that the theatre is embedded in the Southern European clubs,โ€ says Van Hooijdonk in conversation with De Cceit. โ€œWhen a Portuguese manages a free kick in a dangerous place, he gets a pat on the back. That’
s the culture, while our response is: it‘s not supposed to be. As the Dutch, we are completely out of the box, play football annoyed and get ourselves out of our game. Let that be what those Portuguese want…โ€
Van Hooijdonk thinks Ajax has a chance at the Estรกdio Josรฉ Alvalade, but then they have to keep their heads cool. โ€œI think a good result for Ajax stands or falls with the way the players and trainer interact with Sporting’
s theatre. In the games against Getafe Ajax really went into the fog for that matter. In it, the irritation accumulated by the minute, even with Erik ten Hag. If Ajax succeeds in controlling itself, a good result can be achieved in Lisbonโ€, Van Hooijdonk concludes.