Van Huffelen: compensation surcharges will also come to fraudsters

The money intended for victims will also partly end up with people who try to make a break out of the misery of others. Demissionary State Secretary Van Huffelen (Finance) increases that risk of buying, to the care of part of the House of Representatives.

The Cabinet decided just before the holidays that every parent affected will receive 30,000 euros in any case and to pay it as soon as possible. That communication has also led to the rise of fraudsters who are also trying to rake the money. Since the extension of the compensation, the number of persons affected has doubled to almost 18,000.

But a first analysis by the Ministry of Finance shows that there are many lucky seekers in between. Around 20% have already been fished out, for example because they have no children or have never received childcare allowance. However, according to Van Huffelen, it will happen that money goes to people who are not entitled to it.

Member of the CDA Omtzigt, who has brought this dossier to light, is concerned about the wide compensation. โ€œIt seems sympathetic,โ€ he says. But he is also afraid that there will be hundreds, thousands of people who are unjustifiably getting that money and that it will give rise to new fuss.


That is precisely the trend that contributed to the emergence of the affair, in which the cabinet and the Chamber, after reports of payment fraud, called for a much tougher approach to fraudsters. Does the Chamber now not turn through the other direction again, asks Omtzigt: โ€œThe pendulum in this Chamber is going from one side to the side that can do anything.โ€

In addition, the majority of the parties wondered whether the most harrowing cases, with the greatest damage, should wait longer for their full compensation because the recovery organisation first invests in paying the 30,000 euros. โ€œParents get stuck in the swamp,โ€ says SP MP Leijten. โ€œI actually find it unacceptable.โ€

The Chamber is also concerned whether the cabinet can deliver on the promise that all parents who have reported on 1 May will receive the 30,000 euros. โ€œMy concern is: can we still make it?โ€ , asks Van Weyenberg. Pvda MP Kuiken is even more clear: โ€œMay 1 will never fly, will it? Then we have to put that conclusion on the table, right?โ€


Van Huffelen also takes up for the organisation that takes care of the compensation and, according to a report, is under high tension due to the high political and social pressure on the dossier. โ€œI do not think it can be any quicker,โ€ says the Secretary of State.

She also rightly points out to the House of Representatives: โ€œAs a Chamber, you do not always make it easy for the organisation or me.โ€ Van Huffelen refers to the constant question of the Chamber that the recovery must be quicker, but on the other hand all kinds of demands are made. That causes anger at Leijten: โ€œI dont know if I should laugh or cry. It makes me very angry that the Secretary of State makes it a you-buck.โ€