Van Huffelen: surcharges handling affair can be ‘a very longtime’

According to the missionary Secretary of State Alexandra van Huffelen, who deals with the childcare fees, it could be โ€œvery longโ€ for all the parents who have been disappointed. That‘s what she says in News Hour. How long exactly, and if it comes to years, leave them in the middle.

A total of less than ten percent of the cases in the surcharge scandal have been handled at the moment. Of the more than 47,000 people who have reported, according to Van Huffelen, some 35,000 people have been tested. That’s what people are still joining weekly.

Memo Palms

Yesterday, a report by accounting firm PwC revealed that 24 officials knew the crucial document โ€œmemo-Palmsโ€ from 2017. In the document, a top finance official advises to compensate parents for being mistakenly classified as fraudsters. The memo didn‘t show up by chance until last year.

The researchers say they found no evidence in the report that the memo has been deliberately withheld. The opposite cannot be demonstrated either.

A top finance official did not want to cooperate in PwC’s investigation. This official still has, or again, a high position in the Tax Office. Her emails were looked at, but she didn‘t want to do an interview. On that basis, PwC concludes that certain information about that memo may not have been exposed.

Van Huffelen concludes that every effort has been made to get all the information about the important ‘memo Palms‘.

โ€œWhen I read this report, PwC says they haven’t been able to get that happened. They say we couldn‘t prove that. They’ve had very thorough research. They‘ve interviewed a lot of people, dozens of people, they’ve looked at phones.โ€

According to Van Huffelen, it is up to that person to participate in such an investigation or not. Van Huffelen stresses that PwC has conducted extensive research. โ€œSo I conclude that with everything we‘ve done, we won’t be able to get any more information out there right now. And that we also have to do with what this report says.โ€

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