Van Huffelen: warning memo on surcharge affair not muffled away

Secretary of State Van Huffelen, who deals with childcare allowances, says that it has not been revealed that officials have muffled away an important memo. She says that the emails officials sent about this in June 2019 were about finding out the background of the โ€œjust arrivedโ€ memo and that she โ€œhas no reason to doubt the integrity of these employeesโ€.

One of the emails about the important memo says: โ€œDo NOT like to distribute this document or hang in Digidoc. It is an internal document of Fees. I just wanted to check if it was shared here. So it doesnt have to be in our archives.โ€

Because of this wording, several parties in the House have the suspicion that officials have been working to conceal unwelcome and politically sensitive information. But MPs cannot do much more at the moment than await the independent investigation of accountant PwC, which they asked for themselves.

Written in 2017

The memo it is about was written in 2017 by legal adviser of the Palmen Tax Administration. She had just read the file on the case of 300 parents whose childcare allowance was suddenly stopped in 2014. The file is now called the CAF 11 case.

Palmen gave advice to her executives. Her legal judgment was that the Tax Administrations Fees Department had acted inappropriately, that parents objections were justified and that they earned compensation. So in 2019, the memo reappeared internally by Fees, but the document was released to the House of Representatives until October 2020.

Accountant PwC researchers have been working since May. They interview the politicians and officials involved in the Ministry of Finance, Tax Authorities and Fees. They get access to all documents, emails and other mutual communications. The report is expected in or after summer.

A personal injury specialist representing damaged parents announced on Friday that he is going to file a report against top officials for perjury. They would have lied to the House about what they knew about the Memo palms.