Van Marwijk advises De Boer: ‘Then I would think about it’

Bert van Marwijk advises Frank de Boer to reconsider the open application of Arjen Robben. The former coach, who won the 2010 World Cup final with the Bedummer, thinks that the attacker of FC Groningen can play an important role at the European Championships.
After FC Groningen‘s eclatant 4-0 victory at FC Emmen, Robben’s return to the Dutch team was the conversation of the day. โ€œHe has experience in major tournaments and has proven to be a player who can make a difference,โ€ he says to De Cceit. โ€œYou don‘t have that many of them.โ€
The national coach wrote in the same newspaper on Monday that he ruled out the chance of a quick return for Robben. โ€œBut if Arjen stays fit and plays the remaining two league matches and maybe two more in the playoffs, I would think about it seriouslyโ€, Van Marwijk contests that. โ€œAlso because you can bring three additional players to the European Championships and make five bills in matches, so you can take some risk even with a change.โ€
Nevertheless, the Limburger would understand if De Boer definitely did not choose it. โ€œFrank will have to consider whether he has sufficient opportunities for that position. Based on what Arjen has shown so far, I can understand if Frank doesn’
t choose. But all in all, I would not close the door permanently and have the opportunity to add it to the selection at a later stage.โ€