Van Marwijk: ‘I don’t think it’s good for Van Bommel to do something like that’

Bert van Marwijk does not take his son-in-law Mark van Bommel to the United Arab Emirates. The 68-year-old coach has his reasons for that.

On Monday it was announced that Van Marwijk returns as federal coach of the United Arab Emirates one year after his resignation. Later this week, he flies to Dubai to sign his signature. No Van Bommel, who is unemployed at home and with whom he worked in the past.
If he had said: I would like to come, I would have liked to take him with me, yes, Van Marwijk confirms DeccEit. But I dont think its good for him to do something like that, as a young and novice coach.
Van Bommel doesnt have a club since his forced departure from PSV over a year ago. Around the same time, Van Marwijk was pledged to the United Arab Emirates. The oil state is getting him back now. That is indeed special, that they ask me back so soon, says Van Marwijk.