Van Nieuwenhuizen: not interfere with energy, so no knowledge edge

The stepped Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen said โ€œno policy interference with energyโ€. This morning it was announced that she stopped as a minister today and that she will be chairman of Energy Nederland, the industry organisation of energy companies as of 1 October. Some politicians question her transition.

For example, CDA MEP De Lange thinks โ€œreally can‘t do thisโ€. According to her, as a minister, you have to โ€œfinish your jobโ€ and she also tweet โ€œthat a move to a sector that you were working as a minister raises questionsโ€. PvdA MP Thijssen believes that the โ€œrevolving door politicsโ€ continues and that that is bad news. โ€œHer VVD stepped on the brake for climate action over and over againโ€.

Work and life balance

Van Nieuwenhuizen said in a brief explanation that she was planning to finish the ride as a minister, but that she was approached in the summer and then thought about a change. She pointed out that it’s been almost half a year after the election. โ€œThis wouldn‘t have occurred to me before the election.โ€

Van Nieuwenhuizen believes it is very important to be able to contribute to the energy transition. She believes that her new job also has a better work-life balance. โ€œThe timing was determined by the general assembly of the energy companies this morning.โ€

The former woman added that at the time of a possible transition, she made the appointment to be replaced by the Minister of Economic Affairs or the Secretary of State for Infrastructure on issues with a potential interface with her new job. โ€œBut helped by the summer recess, that didn’t occur,โ€ she said.

โ€œI am adhering to the rules as we set it in this country,โ€ Van Nieuwenhuizen says to Nieuwsuur today:


asked whether Van Nieuwenhuizen as ex-minister doesn‘t have a knowledge edge after all, she replied: โ€œOf course that applies to everything that is discussed in a cabinet. Then you wouldn’t be able to do any job.โ€ She stressed that she will adhere to all the rules. โ€œOf course, the most important thing is that you don‘t lobby in your own policy area. And so I’m not going to do that either.โ€

According to the Handbook for Officers, Ministers and Secretaries of State are โ€œunacceptableโ€ two years after their resignation as a lobbyist on behalf of a company or organisation representing interests in the policy area on which they worked as administrator. From time to time, the question of whether these rules should not be tightened.

New Rules of Conduct

The government announced new rules of conduct, but the โ€œsubstantive design of a code of conduct is left to the new cabinet,โ€ Minister Ollongren wrote to the House last month.

In the European Union, in the first two years after their departure, former European Commissioners must report to the European Commission any ‘professional activitie’ they intend to carry out. And when it comes to a position in their old policy area, a special committee decides whether the job is appropriate.