Van Nistelrooij can’t beat his luck at PSV: ‘Almost couldn’t be more, great’

Ruud van Nistelrooij is logically very proud of his PSV. The people of Eindhoven had a very hard time against AS Monaco, but reached the longest end after an extension.
As a result, PSV will advance to the Champions League playoffs. After the match against Monaco, Van Nistelrooij is asked what emotions he went through. โ€œDo you have a moment? It was a bizarre pot,โ€ he says in front of ESPNs camera. โ€œWe are dragging out an extension, which may hardly be possible anymore. This team just keeps going and believing. They never give up. Together with the supporters, they put this on the mat.โ€
โ€œThe start was good, but at some point you are in the throes of tribulation. We couldn
t figure that out in the second half,โ€ Van Nistelrooij continues. โ€œWe were just the lesser team today (Tuesday, ed.), very clear and very honest. But we do win. We dont do that by playing away a team completely, but by finding ways to stay together and fight. Nothing can beat that.โ€
The way PSV scored its last two goals also makes the trainer proud. โ€œThat they were still able to deliver that quality with their fatigue… It was a discharge for the boys, the team, the staff and the supporters. Great.โ€
Of course, due to the extension, the PSV members are exhausted, but it seems to look good in terms of injuries. โ€œThe victory is good. Of course, they have an extension in the legs, but no injuries. We
re going to take a closer look at that tomorrow, but were all completely devastated.โ€