Van Nistelrooij clear before PSV clash: ‘He can do much better than in Monaco’

If PSV continues to’ play ‘better on Tuesday evening, Ruud van Nistelrooij thinks that AS Monaco may lose in Eindhoven. The coach is also confident that Guus Til will show up better than in the first race.
A week ago, PSV tied 1-1 at Monaco. The return at the Philips Stadium is now on the agenda. โ€œIt’
s clear how it went last week,โ€ says Van Nistelrooij prior to the game at ESPN. โ€œI think we played a good pot there, in an away game. Now it‘s a completely different game: it’s about one duel, not two.โ€
โ€œWe now play at home and know the opponent a little better. We had a hard time there in the last quarter of an hour, but I think their advantage from then is gone now.โ€ With this, Van Nistelrooij seems to be referring to the fatigue that struck at PSV in the final phase. โ€œI don‘t expect any problems in that area. At the ball, we had some phases in which we had to continue playing football to the final phase. If that’s better today, along with defending game recaps, then it can happen.โ€
Van Nistelrooij is then confronted with the fact that Til in particular had difficulty ‘playing football’ in the Stade Louis II. โ€œThe confidence in him, that he can play a role in this, is present,โ€ the former striker is clear. โ€œThat‘s going to be better today. Not just making goals is his quality. He is a certain type, but in the position game he can level up. A much higher level than in Monaco, that’s clear.โ€